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Until she hears more from you, here's what she wants to work on:

Making Vernon affordable 

  • Current financial stresses - "It's not appropriate to increase taxes and utility costs in this time of financial stress. I prefer to wait until the economic recovery is behind us;

  • Low-income earners need affordable, but safe and attractive housing; 

  • Flora wants to deal with these stressing financial issues head on and get an economic recovery plan written for Vernon.


Making Vernon safe ​

  • "We need a fire break around Okanagan Lake. It must be built over the winter, so that we can feel safe from fires next summer."

  • "We need to work with the RCMP to find out why crime rates are rising and who the criminals are." Flora says she wants to, figure out why persons are drawn to crime. She feels this understanding can help in reducing crime in our city. "I will work with police in order to find out how best to support and protect the citizens of Vernon from being victimised by petty crimes."

​Finding permanent solutions: Housing/Homessness

  • The City of Vernon is working on building more affordable housing. That's good. It's better than doing nothing, but, some are saying we need to build affordable "high density" housing in the downtown core. Flora is not convinced that's the answer. People who have lived in high density, low income "projects" know the nature of this type of living. It's not always great. She says, most of our citizens who can't afford higher rent or a home of their own, might prefer a different solution for their families. She would prefer to do some work on finding land that is available and build smaller buildings or tiny homes with convenient bus transportation routes, green spaces for children and bike lanes to get residents to the inner core.

  • "Homelessness is not a housing problem (alone). Everyone needs to understand that for the most part sickness is the cause of homelessness (addiction, mental health, unemployability). This requires a permanent solution to help both the homeless and the community." She says, "I would like to organise a forum made up of knowledgeable people, like Gabor Mate', to advise the City Council on the best way to help the homeless, not only with housing, but also with other treatments.

Helping businesses thrive Independently now and after the economic recovery

  • Businesses are struggling in the economic recovery. Flora would like to hold a "Sustainable Business Round Table" with an advisory panel who can offer real answers. When those answers come in, she wants the city to draw up a plan to prepare interventions to help sustain businesses before they close due to societal crises such as pandemics. She wants a plan to deal with such issues now and in the future.  


Protecting Vernon from climate change threats - "We must do our part." 

  • "This is not on the back burner. It's a priority for Flora."She puts climate change very high on the priority list. She will work with current plans, but wants to put a RUSH on them and consider revisions based on today's imminent threats. She feels strongly that if we do not take climate change seriously it is like "playing dead and hoping the predator will go away."

  • Flora is a grandmother. She has indicators that our youth are feeling pressures from climate change too. Afterall, they are the future and they will be the most affected. They may not know it, but Eco-Anxiety (the fear of an ecological disaster in your lifetime) is real. Flora says, "One way to show them they are not alone in these feelings is to hold an Eco-Anxiety Forum for youth, involving schools, so youth can do projects and learn from each other, then take their information to City Council for discussion on how the City can help alleviate climate change threats."

Safety for Seniors

  • Flora is a senior and was disturbed by the number of seniors who died last summer in their own homes. The first thing she will bring up to Council is the need for an evacuation plan for seniors when there is a heat dome. Seniors don't always know that they are dangerously hot until it's too late. Some can't get to the cooling centres on their own. An evacuation plan to get them to the cooling centres would save lives.

  • She also feels there's a need to focus on affordable housing for seniors on low fixed incomes. She wants seniors to feel safe in our housing and she wants the houses to be designated +55.


Giving a voice to Arts & Culture

  • Flora has an Arts degree in English and Drama. She appreciates the arts and has been a part-owner of an art gallery. She has worked as a drama critic. She wants to set up a Cultural Round Table for Arts & Cultural organizations, so they can speak with one voice.


Investigating child care issues

  • Flora doesn't think this issue is discussed enough at the City Council level. Her research has revealed some good news though: “By the end of 2022, British Columbians will see a 50% reduction in average parent fees.” But, she says there are still concerns. One day care provider told her that she is concerned that there isn't a "needs test" for $10/day fees, which makes for a long wait list for those who need it most. There are also concerns that day cares are not providing services for shift workers who therefore have to use private care at great expense.

  • Flora has links below which explain the current state of day care in the province and why tax deductions are not the answer to expensive private care. Here are the links: and We can do it if we stand together!

Who is Flora Evans? 

A Principled, Progressive, Senior




As a former journalist for the CBC and a Legislative Assistant, Flora has a life-time of experience in politics. With an Arts Degree and entrepreneurial experience, Flora is well qualified and has innovative ideas on a number of issues before City Council. She wants to bring fresh new approaches and permanent solutions to issues such as homelessness, discrimination, business recovery, low-income housing, imminent threats of climate change, protection for seniors and homeowners from petty crime, Arts & Cultural sustainability and the financial uncertainly of today. She does not want any more politicised, band aid solutions.

Flora has lived in Vernon for 13 years and currently works at the Vernon Secondary School part-time, leaving her time to devote to Council.

Why should you vote for Flora?           

  • She thinks outside of the box. She's not stuck in the council status quo;

  • She's not a career board person, which gives her fresh eyes; 

  • She's not a 1-issue candidate;

  • She lives and works in the city, so she can attend all meetings;

  • She's not a bean-counter, she believes solutions are for people, not budgets;

  • She wants to take the stress off taxpayers;

  • She's sensitive to Indigenous concerns. She lived and worked with Indigenous colleagues in the far north where she was a CBC reporter and she wants to ensure City Hall  is sensitive towards all minority groups;

  • She knows how to research and get down to the bottom of an issue. She will fight for you. 

Her Pledge to You: "I will use technology to chat with you to find out what your concerns and ideas are. I'll take them directly to council. 





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