Housing and the Homeless

Affordable housing should also be enjoyable, safe housing


Flora feels that just building high density buildings in the downtown core is a band aid approach to affordable housing problems. She wants to think out of the box and find a way to make housing enjoyable and safe to live in. She says, families need green space for their children, not concrete parking lots. Living in high density, low income "projects" that meet the budget is not the only solution. People need to be happy and safe in their home.  


Again, she says, "Let’s find some evidence-based, permanent solutions. Let’s think of new ideas to find ways that are innovative and still solve the problem. Maybe 3-D houses? tiny homes, manufactured homes on federally leased land? Can we use vacant lots? Let's think about what people need to live a happy life in low-income housing and design it. Maybe we should talk to them? We shouldn't just think about the money saved, but the quality of life as well." She says, "Maybe other jurisdictions are experimenting with a solution? Look to the future and see what can be done, not what has been done in the past. 

Homeless have no housing 

Regarding the homeless who have no housing, Flora understands that Council has been talking and doing some things about this issue for a long time now, but she says, it's not solved. "We need action and understanding that housing alone doesn't solve the problems with the homeless. There are still homeless on the streets and in the parks. I want to find a "permanent" solution by finding evidence-based solutions to help people who are homeless. Much of homelessness is due to mental illness, addiction, unemployability, and just plain unaffordability. I would like to invite an advisory panel of people to speak to City Council, like Gabor Mate', who are well-known to have studied the causes of homelessness. Then Council could make a plan to address this issue at it's root causes. At the moment, I feel we are just treating the tip of the iceberg with housing projects that the homeless may or may not participate in for the hidden reasons I've described. We have to do better."