Make Vernon Safe Again

Make Vernon Safe and Affordable for Seniors

  • Seniors can't walk safely in the parks. Flora wants to change that: "I will work with the RCMP to find out how to better support the community of Vernon in the prevention of crime to keep everybody, especially seniors, safe."

  • She wants to create an evacuation plan for seniors during heat waves to take seniors to the cooling centers and save lives;

  • "I want to make Vernon affordable by building affordable housing for seniors with a +55 rating and for others with fixed incomes who need to live in a safe home."

  • She does not feel it's time for raising costs for fixed income seniors. Seniors and other fixed income people are having a hard time right now. For example, those seniors who applied and received the CERB payments during the pandemic, are now not eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) from the federal government. We have to understand that seniors on fixed incomes are struggling and don't need more costs from the city during this period of economic recovery.

  • Voting for floraforcouncil will make sure the above ideas are brought to Council's attention.